Accounts vs users

What is an account?

A Data Fetcher account is similar to a Workspace in Airtable. You create and run requests, save variables and do everything within the context of an account. Usage and billing are also tied to an account.
You can also add other users to an account so that they can edit and run your saved requests.
When you sign up in the Data Fetcher extension, a default account will be created for you, called 'YOUR_NAME's account'. You may also have been invited to other accounts, e.g. by a team member.

What is a user?

A user is a name, email and password. You will only ever have one user for your email. A user can be in multiple accounts and an account can have multiple users.

Change Active Account

When you are logged into Data Fetcher, one account will always be active. To change the active account:
  • Click
    to open the settings page.
  • Click
    next to the accont you want to make the active one.