View monthly usage
Your Data Fetcher plan gives you a certain amount of API runs & API records to use each month. You can see details on each plan on the pricing page.

What's the difference between API run and API records?

Each time you see the 'Running API request' screen in Data Fetcher after clicking 'Run', that counts as one API run (in your monthly usage).
When you run an API request, Data Fetcher transforms the response into Airtable records using the response data transformation and response field mapping. The number of records from that transformation is how many 'API records' are used (in your monthly usage).

How does 'Run on Multiple Records' affect usage?

When you Run on Multiple Records, each record in the 'Run on Multiple Records' table/view runs as a separate API request. So the number of records in the table/ view you select for 'Run on Multiple Records' would be equal to how many API runs are used. The API records would be some multiple of that, as described above.

How do scheduled requests affect usage?

Each time they run, scheduled requests use exactly the same number of API runs and API records as manually run requests.

View your monthly usage

    to open the settings page.
    on the account you want to upgrade. You might need to click
    You will see your monthly limits and usage.
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