Create a sequence

What is a sequence?

A sequence is a series of several requests that run one after the other. Sequences can also be scheduled in the same way requests can.

Create a sequence

  • Create the requests you want to use in the sequence.
  • On the home screen, click the
    dropdown on the right-hand side of
  • Click
  • Give your sequence a descriptive name.
  • Under Requests, add all the requests you want to run in the order you want to run them. You can add more requests with

Run the sequence

  • Click
  • First, the sequence will be saved. Then Data Fetcher will go to each request in your sequence, run it, and return back to the create sequence screen.

Save the sequence

  • Click
  • You will see a message confirming the sequence was saved.

Keep running sequence if one of these requests fails

By default, Data Fetcher will stop running the sequence when one of the request fails. If you Data Fetcher to instead move on to the next request:
  • Scroll to Failure Handling
  • Enable 'If one of these requests fails, run the next request anyway.'