Use variables in requests

A variable is a fixed value that you save in your Data Fetcher workspace.

You can use variables in your requests, e.g. in a request URL or header. For example, you might save an API key as a variable and use it in multiple request headers. By saving it as a variable, you will only need to update it in one place if the API key changes.

Create a variable

  • Under Workspaces, click "Manage" next to the workspace you want to create the variable in.

  • Under Variables, click "+ Add".

  • Enter the variable name and value.

  • Click "Save".

Use variables in requests

  • Click the "+" button on the right-hand side of the input. Any input with a "+" button can use variables.

  • On the modal, click "Variable" to switch to the variables tab.

  • Select the variable you want to use.

  • The input will now have a reference to the variable, which looks like: -*-currency-*-. When the request runs, this will be replaced by the variable value.

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