Create a request

Create a request

  • On the home screen, click
  • Select the Application you want to import data from/ send data to. e.g. 'Google Analytics'.
  • Complete any Authorization for your chosen application.
  • For some applications, you will also need to select an Endpoint.
  • Click
  • Complete the required steps for your chosen application.
  • Select the Output Table and View. By default, this is set to your current table and view.

Run the request

  • Click
  • If it is the first time you have run the request, you will need to create the response field mapping where you set which fields are imported and whether to use existing fields in your output table or create new ones. A modal will open where you can do this, then click
    on the modal.
  • You will see then see a loading modal, followed by the output table and view being updated with the response data.

Save the request

  • Click
  • You will see a message confirming the request was saved.