Create a request
Data Fetcher lets you create, run and save API requests in Airtable.

Create a request

  • On the home screen, click
  • Give your request a descriptive name.
  • Enter the request URL. For example, enter the following URL to fetch a list of crypto prices from the CoinGecko API.
  • Select the output table and view. This is where the response data will be output when you run the request.

Run the request

When you run requests in Data Fetcher, the response data is transformed into Airtable fields and records. The response field mapping determines which fields from the API response are kept and how they are mapped to your output table. The response data transformation determines how nested arrays in the API response are handled.
  • Click
  • If it is the first time you have run the request, you will need to create the response field mapping. A dialog will open where you can do this, then click
  • You will see then see loading modal, followed by the output table and view being updated with the response data.

Save the request

  • Click
  • You will see a message confirming the request was saved.
Last modified 5mo ago