Run request from button field

You can run a request by clicking a button field in your table. This makes it much quicker to run requests as you do not have to manually open the extension dashboard, find Data Fetcher and go to the request. It also allows you to run a request using the values for a specific record when running on multiple records.

The first time you click a button field you will need to select which request to run. After that, you can just click the button to run the request again (without having to select anything).

Run request from button field

  • Click one of the buttons in the new Airtable button field.

  • Data Fetcher will open with a modal where you can select which request should run. Use the Request dropdown to select the request you want to run.

  • Click "Save". The request will run.

  • Next time you click the button field the request will run straight away (without you having to select it again).

Run different requests from different buttons

You can select different requests to run from button fields in different tables or different views within one table.

  • On the home screen, click "Buttons" in the top menu.

  • On the modal, click "+ Add" , then select the table, view and request. Leaving the view blank means the request will run when a button in any view in the table is clicked. You can only select one request per table/ view combination. If you have two requests set for the same table, one with a blank view and one with a view, only the request with a view will run.

  • Click "Save".

Run request for one record vs run on multiple records

If you have a request that runs on multiple records, you can run it in two different ways from a button field.

  1. Run it for just the record in which the button was clicked. This is the default behaviour.

  2. Run it for every record in the request's Run on Multiple Records view.

If you want 2., enable Run on multiple records, not just the record clicked. when selecting the request.

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