Connect to a preset OAuth API

What is OAuth?

OAuth is a way of authenticating with a third-party application by logging into the platform and giving consent for the original application to connect to it.

Under the hood, OAuth works by obtaining and refreshing access tokens. These are obtained when you first log in to the platform and then refreshed as necessary. They are then sent along with API requests to the third-party platform to authorize each request.

Create an OAuth connection

When you create OAuth connections in Data Fetcher they are saved against your workspace. So you only need to create them once and can then use them for multiple different requests.

  • On the create request screen, click "Authorization".

  • Use the Type dropdown to select "OAuth".

  • Next to Connection, click "+ New".

  • Click on the button for the application you want to connect to, e.g. "Webflow". You will be taken to the application and where you can connect your account to Data Fetcher.

  • Configure the rest of your API details, e.g. URL, as you normally would and run the request. Authorization headers and parameters will be automatically sent when you run the request. For example, Data Fetcher sets anAuthorization: Bearer <token> header for the Webflow CMS API.

Rename an OAuth Connection

  • Under Workspaces, click "Manage" next to the workspace you want.

  • On the modal, enter the new name in the input.

  • Click "Save".

Delete an OAuth Connection

Some platforms, e.g. Google, will revoke all your OAuth connections when you revoke one connection. E.g. deleting Goole Analytics would also revoke Google Ads.

  • Under Workspaces, click "Manage" next to the workspace you want.

  • Click "Delete" on the modal that opens.

Create Custom OAuth Connection

If you do not see the OAuth API that you want to connect to in the list of preset OAuth connection options, you can create a custom OAuth connection.

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