Write modes
When you run requests in Data Fetcher, the response data is transformed into Airtable fields and records. The response field mapping determines which fields from the API response are kept and how they are mapped to your output table. The response data transformation determines how nested arrays in the API response are handled.
The Airtable records can be written to the output table (and view) in two different ways:

Set the write mode

  • Click
    to open the advanced settings.
  • Scroll down to Write Mode.
  • Select the write mode.

Delete records not found in the API response

If you want to keep the records in your output table in sync with those returned by the API, you can tell Data Fetcher to delete any records not found in the API response.
  • On the create request screen, scroll down to Write Mode.
  • Turn on 'Delete output table records that aren't in API response'. This option is only available when the write mode is 'Update'.
There used to be a third write mode called 'Overwrite' which was the same as this option. If you saved a request with 'Overwrite' as its write mode, it will continue to work as normal