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Upgrade workspace

Upgrade your Charts & Reports workspace to add unlimited charts in unlimited reports, send scheduled email reports and download reports as PDF/PNG.

Upgrade workspace

  • Click 'Upgrade' in the top menu.
  • Click 'Upgrade' on the modal that opens.
  • Complete the checkout process.
  • Return to the Charts & Reports extension and your workspace will be upgraded to the Pro plan with access to all Pro features.

Use your Pro license key in a different base

After upgrading, you will receive your Pro license key in a welcome email. You can use this license key after adding Charts & Reports to a different base.
  • Add the Charts & Reports extension to a different base.
  • Click 'Upgrade' in the top menu.
  • Click 'Already have a license key?'
  • Click 'Use license key'. You will now be able to use all your Pro features in this base.
  • Enter the license key.